Mobile IV Therapy Treatments


Hydralyfe Mobile IV Therapy offers the best IV therapy treatments to you in the comfort of your own home or facility. Wether you are looking for our top requested treatments like NAD+ and Myers or something a bit more personalized; our expert team of nurses will offer you the best treatment in Texas. 

Where We Offer Mobile IV Therapy

Hydralyfe offers our therapeutic treatments to more and more service areas weekly. If you are interested to see if we have the ability to travel your city to offer our services, just give us a call. 

Why We Offer Mobile IV Therapy

The whole Hydralyfe team is sincerely passionate about delivering our patients high quality treatments. We understand that for a variety of circumstances it may be undesirable to travel to a care facility and sit in the waiting room. To solve this, we bring our expert IV therapy nurses straight to your home, place of work or athletic facility. Wether you are looking for refreshment, recovery or more resilience in your immune system; the Hydralyfe team is here to help. 

Need A Boost?

On top of offering the best IV treatments, we also offer IV boosters. These boosters can elevate your IV therapy experience even further by adding in essential vitamins and medications. 

Toradol IM Shots