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We are the best mobile IV Therapy provider in Dallas, Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. Hydralyfe Mobile IV Therapy focuses on being the best at essential IV therapy. Our product offering and process is made simple unlike our competitors because we truly understand what your body needs.

IV Therapy

An Introduction To Mobile IV Therapy

We Make Things Simple

Hydralife Mobile IV has created a simple and safe process for delivering the best mobile IV therapy services in Dallas, Fort-Worth and all its surrounding suburbs. To get a better idea of the process, check out the video from Dr. Kasindi.

Mobile IV Therapy Benefits

Providing Real Results

There are quite a few mobile IV therapy services that can be brought to you in the comfort of your home office or athletic facility. Our team of mobile IV therapy experts can assist you with:

IV Therapy


Hydralife Mobile IV therapy can boost your peak performance through Nutrient-rich infusions.
IV Therapy


Replenish and rehydrate through safe and convenient infusions, all in the convenience of your own home or office.
IV Therapy


Restore your body providing relief and nourishment to get back into peak performance.
IV Therapy


Supply your body with vitamins, antioxidants and fluids to combat cold and flu symptoms with Hydralife mobile IV therapy.

How Hydralyfe Works

No More Waiting Rooms

1. Pick Your Service Or Services Of Choice

Decide what services you want, then either fill out our booking form or call/text our team of expert mobile IV therapists.

2. Fill Out Your Patient Paperwork Online

Provide your health history through a form. Knowing about your health history keeps our services safe for you.

3. Get The Best Mobile IV Therapy In DFW

One liter of fluids takes 30-40 minutes. Our professional providers gently set up, remove, and clean up after.

What Our Patients Say...

Talyn Provo
HydraLyfe Customer
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I recently got my first IV with Hydralyfe Mobile IV this past Friday and the process could not have been any easier! I got the Meyers Cocktail package and I have felt great ever since! Consider this the PERFECT hangover cure after a night out of drinking! I cannot recommend this company enough & I am already looking forward to getting my next IV! ☺️🙌
Jerry Valentine
HydraLyfe Customer
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I was worn out from being in the sun all day and decided to try an IV. I got the Myers cocktail and a dose of NAD+ which was recommended by the nurse. Huge thumbs up to this company my entire experience was great and I feel amazing. I have already scheduled my next appointment with these guys.
Holly Kilsheimer
HydraLyfe Customer
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Used Hydralife twice so far & had the best experience! I got 1 infusion on a Friday and had him come back 3 days later on Monday. The IV infusion professional who administered my infusions, Ben Downey, was by far one of the best & my favorite out of all of the mobile IV therapy providers I’ve ever encountered! And I’ve gotten more than 50-100 mobile IV infusions in my life, and have used over 5 of the mobile IV companies that serve my area! Excellent service! Will definitely be using HydraLife again in the future!!
Zachary Miller
HydraLyfe Customer
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Decided to get an IV from Hydralyfe and was amazed at the experience. The nurse really took their time and made recommendations that would help my body recover and revive after a stressful week. I enjoyed how she tailored the IV package to fit my needs so I could recover from the long stressful week I had. It was my first time trying NAD+ and the nurse was super helpful by coaching me through it. I defiantly recommend Hydralyfe and will be using them again very soon!
Ana Giraldo
HydraLyfe Customer
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Amazing service! Booked my first appointment a week ago, it was super easy. The IV person ,I think his name was Ben, was very profesional and knowledgeable about the products. I ended up getting the Hydra Meyers treatment. I feel amazing, even a week out.
Trinity Wilson
HydraLyfe Customer
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My experience with Hydralyfe was fantastic! The man who came to administer the IV was a very knowledgeable paramedic, so I knew I was in great hands. The professionalism of this company is outstanding. Would absolutely recommend!

Top Mobile IV Therapy Treatments

The Options You Need

Hydra Myers+

Restore balance, alleviate chronic illness symptoms, and support overall wellness.


Rejuvenate, enhance energy, and improve immune function.


Hydrate and revitalize with essential saline and Vitamin B.

Need A Boost?

On top of offering the best IV drip treatments in Dallas, Fort Worth and Oklahoma City, we also offer IV boosters. These boosters can elevate your IV therapy experience even further by adding in essential vitamins and medications. 

Mobile IV Therapy FAQs

We're Here To Help

Intravenous nutritional therapy is a direct way to get several vitamins and minerals into your body instead of waiting for medications to filter through your digestive system. This can be great in recovering from athletic events or even a hangover.

Treatments generally take about 30-45 minutes.

The only difference between regular IV therapy and mobile IV therapy is that mobile IV therapy can be done right in the comfort of your own home or athletic facility. Hydralyfe brings you board certified nurses with top quality IVs, IV Boosters and IM Shots right to your door. 

Our doctors can recommend treatments based on your goals and help you decide based on your needs.

Hydralyfe proudly provides the best mobile IV Therapy Services to Dallas, Fort Worth, OKC and each of their surrounding suburbs. 

Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance at this time. Hydralyfe strives to provide our mobile IV services at a reasonable price that ensures the highest level of care, quality, and satisfaction.

Yes, we offer group discounts and group rates depending on your group size. Please contact us to learn more about how we provide IV services to groups.

Yes, Hydralyfe offers mobile IV services for all event types. We also offer services for private parties. Our group IV services generally include a stationed IV administrator. Please contact us to learn more about how Hydralyfe can accommodate your event.

Yes, our medical administrators appreciate tips for a job well done.

An IV drip, short for “intravenous drip,” is a medical procedure that involves delivering fluids, medications, or nutrients directly into a patient’s bloodstream. This method is often used to quickly and efficiently provide essential fluids and substances, such as electrolytes, vitamins, and medications, to address dehydration, nutrient deficiencies, or medical conditions. Read More…